John Watie


John Watie has now been served with a Permanent Restraining Order.  He continues to violate it.

"I don't negotiate, I dominate."

He's been ordered by the court to give up his firearms.  He's refused and instead threatens to murder my colleagues and their families with his shotgun.


John Watie

Welcome to, the public warning website about the internet stalker, violent, dangerous psychopath and sadistic predator John Watie of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Because of what appear to us to be his various psychological and behavioral problems; his obsessions with violence, torture and sex; his fairly serious drug and alcohol problems; his history of workplace violence, his illegal activities and the significant losses we've suffered due to our association with him, we're publishing this warning in hopes that others might learn from our experiences and avoid the same bad outcomes.

If you were to ask our opinion, we would tell you in no uncertain terms that you don't want to have anything to do with John Watie, either as an employee, co-worker, friend, or neighbor.  Or even as a relative, from what we can tell.

We're very aware of the laws regarding libel and defamation and we have excellent legal representation with a strong national reputation in the Internet/free speech field; we're being extraordinarily careful to limit our claims here to truthful descriptions of our own personal interactions with John Watie and our own personal opinions and conclusions.  We've also got all the evidence to back up our claims.  This website was created as a public service and we intend to stay 100% within the protections of the First Amendment and we're confident that we are.

We're also very aware of laws protecting privacy.  All of the information posted here is obtained either from public sources or our own personal experiences.  None of the information we've obtained solely through subpoenas is included here.

He may also be known by any of these names:  John Watie, John Paul Watie, J.P. Watie, or Paul Watie.

Attention John Watie (2014-03-25):

What You've Done:

You contacted me twice today. This probably means you're using methamphetamine again.

Our Response:

We've added more of your voice mail messages to

John Watie's Location:

John Paul Watie (Residence)
9030 E. 95th St.,
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Date of Birth:  05/26/1978
Sprint Cell Phone:  (918) 946-6587
E-mail Address:
Car:  Gray Chevy Impala, Oklahoma License Plate 183BNJ

Description of John Watie:

John Watie is a 35 year old male Caucasian, 6-2, 195 pounds and bald.  He has a deep voice and speaks with an Oklahoma accent.  He's also a medieval Japanese history buff.  We believe he is a very intelligent and dangerous predator.

Do You Know Where John Watie Is Currently Employed?

Since he's been using his employer's computers and network to make some of these posts and been making harassing phone calls from work, we'd like to know who they are.  We'd like to ask them to end his access to telephones and the Internet.  As a courtesy, we'd also like to warn them about his history of violence in the workplace.

In the past, he has worked as a phlebotomist and possibly also in telephone call centers and in the advertising/public relations field.  He may be currently working in the medical field or at a telephone calling center.

2011 Update:  He is completing a college program to become a Radiological Technician.  This man should never be allowed near vulnerable patients or confidential medical records.

Why This Website?

Why this website about John Watie?  We maintain a public Internet discussion board website.  In early 2006, John Watie and his mother Diane Rubey began posting a series of obscene, abusive, libelous, threatening messages on our discussion board.  Over the next six years, they returned to the site thousands of times and posted 22,000+ messages, many of them knowingly false and defamatory with the publicly proclaimed intent of causing us reputational harm.

They've boasted how successful they are as "terrorists" on the site, have used hundreds of e-mail addresses and usernames, and have changed proxy servers hundreds of times to avoid bans on their IP addresses.  They posted a bomb threat that got investigated by the FBI, impersonated police officers, made harassing phone calls to us, our customers and our associates and have made thousands of false public accusations of child molestation, murder, bestiality, drug addiction and racism, and broadcast each of them to tens of thousands of Internet users.  They've repeatedly made false public announcements that we've died.  They've also impersonated an attorney, our family members, our colleagues and our customers, made threats to torture and kill us, attempted extortion and boasted of repeatedly circumventing our web defenses.

They've contacted our friends and colleagues through Facebook and YouTube, made false accusations of child molestation about us and have been harassing them in order to put pressure on us.

John Watie has repeatedly claimed that when it comes to problem resolution, "I don't negotiate, I dominate".

They've offered to stop only if we were to meet various demands and hand over partial control of the site to them.  Their current behavior includes extortion demands for $6,000, backed up by threats of torture and murder if we don't pay.

We've sued them for defamation, but both of them hid from our process servers, refused our mail and telephone calls, and then, once served, refused to show up in court.  We received a default judgment against them.

We now have a Permanent Restraining Order against him.  He's been ordered by the court to give up his firearms.  He's refused and instead threatens to murder my colleagues and their families with his shotgun.

We have saved thousands of messages coming from IP addresses that trace right back to him and his mother.  Everything we say here is true and we have the documentation to back it up.

We've also got recordings of 700 voice mail messages left on our answering machine.

Criminal Record:

This website claims to show the results of public criminal record searches.  Here are the events they list for John Watie for Florida (PDF) and Oklahoma (PDF).

The Broward County (Florida) Probation Department has also told us it's public information that John Watie is a fugitive from justice and has a warrant out for his arrest and that they're willing to pay for extradition to return him to Florida.

In personal messages, he has boasted of his drug usage and of assaulting a co-worker.

Voice Recordings:

Here are some of the more than 700 voice mails he's left on our answering machine.

Can You Help?

We've done our homework and gotten our facts straight.  Our goal is 100% factual accuracy on all statements made on this site.  We're eager to receive any feedback that could help us improve accuracy.  We guarantee a prompt and thorough response.

Do you know where John Watie works, or anyone he associates with?

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